Who benefits, what conditions are treated and how it works

What is Neurofeedback

We observe the brain in action at different times. We show this information to the person who benefits from neurofeedback, then we reward the brain for changing its activity by adopting healthier patterns (operating patterns). It is a gradual learning process. It applies to every process and every brain function we can measure.

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Neurofeedback is also called EEG Biofeedback for the simple reason that it is based on the electrical activity of the brain seen in the electroencephalogram (EEG). Neurofeedback is a self-regulating workout. It is a biofeedback applied directly to the brain. Self-regulation is an important part of the proper functioning of the brain and allows the central nervous system to function better.

Who benefits from Neurofeedback therapy

Neurofeedback addresses issues related to brain dysfunction.

Many conditions are based on a lack of natural regulation of the brain and the processes involved. We can include here problems such as anxiety and depression, attention difficulties, behavioral disorders, sleep disorders, headaches, premenstrual symptoms, emotional instability, etc. Neurofeedback also addresses brain conditions such as epileptic seizures, autism spectrum disorders and cerebral palsy.
Brain training is also useful for performance athletes.

Neurofeedback has proven effective for:

Conditions that can be treated by neurofeedback






Chronic pain



Chronic stress

Sleeping disorders

Trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder

Behavioral disorders

Personality disorders

Brain injuries

How Neurofeedback Practically Works

  • The therapist applies electrodes to the scalp to record the activity of brain waves.
  • The signal is processed by the neurofeedback system and information is extracted about certain frequencies of the brain. Some frequencies of brain waves we want to promote, others we want to diminish.
  • We show the flow of brain activity to the person in the form of sequences of images / video games / movies. The person actually plays the video game with his brain. Finally, brain activity is trained to achieve the desired performance.
  • The therapist monitors certain frequencies and chooses the positioning of the electrodes in accordance with the symptoms of each person.

Neurofeedback is useful for any brain

Regardless of its current level of operation.