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The Neurofeedback Institute Romania has the support and guarantee of the Othmer Method - international leader in neurofeedback. We are exclusive distributors of BeeMedic systems approved by the European Union.

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For specialists in the field of human health and psychology

Romania Neurofeedback Courses - Othmer Method

Romania Neurofeedback is the first provider of neurofeedback courses in the country authorized by EEG Info. Be part of the first wave of neurofeedback specialists in Romania and join the thousands of professionals who have been trained in the Othmer Method.

The first Othmer method Neurofeedback course in Romania took place on September 9 - 13, 2019 in Predeal.


Our mission is that every person who needs this type of neurotherapy can easily access it, at a convenient price, in Romania.

Romania Neurofeedback


Neurofeedback Courses

The courses are addressed to specialists in the field of human health and psychology. Be among the first specialists in Neurofeedback in Romania!

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It benefits from additional training in neurofeedback to alleviate problems in children, the elderly and those who need mental clarity.

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Neurofeedback supervision

It is addressed to those who have taken the basic courses in neurofeedback.

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Today, the EEG Info brand means modern neurofeedback - especially ILF-, Alpha-Theta and synchronous neurofeedback - which is being taught and used successfully in practices, clinics and research worldwide.

Dedicated to providing mental health professionals with high quality neurofeedback systems and consumables and maintaining a high level of customer satisfaction by continuously providing and improving products and services.

Othmer method Neurofeedback course

Be among the first specialists in Neurofeedback in Romania!

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