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Tehnologie de vârf, echipament neurofeedback Bee Medic aprobat în UE și SUA

For clinicians

Bee Medic Systems

Neurofeedback Romania offers complete Bee Medic equipment.
State-of-the-art German technology, easy to use.

  • Simplicity - Easy to use and learn
  • Flexibility - Compact design for portability
  • Verifiable - one handy button

For more information about the equipment and the purchase procedure, please contact us .

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Video with Cygnet software demo in English

Diagnoze Systems

For advanced clinicians and medical institutes

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Bee Medic equipment components


Designed to be simple and powerful

Neury- Tactile Animal

Plush animal device

Games and Programs

Integrated and additional

The Neuro Amp II Amplifier is designed by clinicians for clinicians with state-of-the-art technology. It is easy to use, durable and portable.

It includes the impedance measurement system and comes with the option of two-channel training , plus three peripherals that measure the following indicators: HEG, HVR, GSR, respiratory rate, temperature, EMG and audio / visual / tactile output.

Neurofeedback performance is influenced by good EEG quality. The impedance measurement system built into NeuroAmp always ensures optimal contact of the electrodes with the scalp.

There are colored indicators that light up immediately and show how well each electrode is attached throughout the session.

Cygnet is designed to be simple and powerful at the same time, so clinicians can use the benefits of technology intuitively and effortlessly.

The best feedback in the field is available with this device (InnerTube , DualDrive Xtreme and Advanced Media Player ). Developed by NeuroCybernetics, Cygnet is the result of over 20 years of research and practice.

To bring them together, Cygnet was primarily designed to meet the needs of clients and clinicians around the world.

Neury- Tactile Animal

It is a device that integrates into a friendly stuffed animal. It will stay close to the person in the neurofeedback session, providing a feeling of comfort.

"Spins" and has the role of helping to relax during the neurofeedback session.

It is also useful in supplementing therapy for people with certain visual impairments.

Games and Programs

Neurofeedback Systems Acquisition

For more information about the equipment and the purchase procedure, please contact us